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NULLIFICATION: The Truths and the Fallacies

This is a report that is worth your time reading.

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Nullify Now - North Carolina (Thomas Jefferson quote)

by Diane Rufino

PART I:  Nullification is the Rightful Remedy to Limit the Federal Government to its Constitutional Objects

Nullification is the theory that says that actions of the federal government that are passed, imposed, or exercised in excess or abuse of the express authority granted in the Constitution are not enforceable. If there is no proper foundation for the action, then that action is null and void and a state has the right, in fact the duty, to refuse to enforce it on its people. Nullification is an essential principle to ensure that the People are insulated from federal tyranny.

Nullification is a legal theory rooted firmly in constitutional history and based on the very limitations articulated in the US Constitution, specifically the Tenth Amendment and Article VI, Section 2 (“Supremacy Clause”). It is based on the federal nature of our government (separation of powers; “dual and competing sovereigns”)…

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P3 High School

This could be the future of our country’s infrastructure — outsource all of our key public services to private, for profit companies — did I mention that they’ll also likely be foreign?

P3 High School.

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HOT (High Occupancy Toll) Lanes

Toll lanes run by a private, for-profit company for 50 years in the Charlotte area on I-77. Go to and tell us what you think.

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